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Sunrise Solar Ltd are Solar Panel Installers & Renewable Energy Experts Covering All Of Devon.

Start Saving today.

Solar Pv installations from as little as £7999
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Solar Panels on Rooftop

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Our Technical Expertise

We have been in the solar industry for 10 years, Sunrise Solar is proud to be one of Devon's finest Solar Panel installers.

Start you're Renewable energy Story with us today.

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Our warranties  

Sunrise Solar offers a superior warranty period in comparison to many of our competitors, We only source the highest quality panels and components for our systems.

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Customer Service

Start to finish we take pride in ensuring your solar installation is worry free and support and guidance will be given throughout.

All installations are planned out carefully to ensure it exceeds your expectations and provides the energy you need. 

Solar PV FAQ’S

How much money can i save installing solar panels?

Solar will reduce the cost your Electricity bills the amount varies on the Solar panels position and current bills tariffs you are being charged by your energy provider.


Contact us today for your free solar survey to see how much you can save. 

Once my system is installed does it require maintenance?

Solar Panels do not have any moving parts and are mainly maintenance free.

The environment can effect your panels and effect performance such as dead leaves of debris we recommend a two yearly check and clean of your panels once installed.

How long will my solar panels last?

Solar Panels are very well made and durable, the solar panels we install are of the highest quality and come with a 25 year performance guarantee so long as they are maintained within the manufactures specification.

My roof is not south facing can i still have solar PV installed.

Solar panels work well on east or west orientations, and even on shallow pitched north elevations, solar systems can generate 70% of a similar roof facing south at 10 degrees. This means properties with a large energy bill and big north facing roof can still take advantage of a free, clean solar energy.

Get in touch

If you are based in the Devon area and interested in finding out more about our solar solutions and how they can save you money please contact us today for a no obligation solar survey.  

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